IANA PAC Donations

Why is it important to donate to the IANA PAC?

The IANA PAC is a fund that is used to help support IANA advocacy efforts.  IANA works with our lobbying team and legislators to advocate for CRNAs and your practice.  Donating to IANA PAC is one way for CRNAs to protect CRNA practice in Iowa.  Those PAC dollars are used to support policy makers and policies affecting CRNAs.

How can I donate?

With our new website, donations are easier and safer than ever!  Click on the link below to make an online donation.  Also please consider setting up a monthly recurring donation.  Monthly recurring donations help the PAC committee to plan for future fundraising and events.  We are asking each member to consider donating $1 per day or $365/per.  This would go a long way in ensure the sustainability of our PAC and help protect our CRNA practice in Iowa for years to come! Checks or money orders made to “IANA PAC” can be mailed to 1007 A Ave. Vinton, IA 52349.  Federal law requires that you include your name and address for reporting purposes. All money must come from personal accounts – no corporate or business funds can be accepted.

What is the relationship between the IANA PAC and the AANA’s CRNA- PAC?

AANA’s CRNA-PAC is a federal PAC allocating funds to federal candidates on behalf of the CRNAs across the Country. IANA PAC cannot give funds to federal candidates, and cannot contribute to CRNA-PAC.

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